Textured Concrete Coatings

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Why Textured Concrete?

Spray-textured concrete coatings are a practical and versatile choice for enhancing worn-out concrete surfaces, offering a decorative, slip-resistant finish. Applied using an air-powered hopper gun, these coatings can be fine-tuned either by splattering to create a textured surface or smoothed down with a trowel for a sleeker look. They contain more sand than microtoppings, providing a grittier, more durable finish that improves slip-resistance — essential for safety in high-traffic areas like pool decks and walkways.

These durable coatings are not only cost-effective but also adaptable for both residential and commercial applications, bonding well to concrete, asphalt, and wood. Available options include pigmentation or color sealing, and they can be customized with decorative stamping for added aesthetic appeal. The installation leverages existing concrete, which minimizes costs and reduces project timelines, while maintenance involves simple cleaning routines. Easy repairability and quick installation make spray textured concrete coatings an efficient choice for public spaces requiring rapid, reliable flooring solutions that significantly enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Textured Concrete Finishes

Discover our range of textured concrete finishes: Hand-troweled for artisanal elegance, Knockdown for safety and texture, and Rock Salt for natural beauty. Each style enhances concrete with unique visual and functional benefits, perfect for diverse applications. Explore how these finishes can elevate your project's aesthetic and durability.


The Knockdown Finish technique  method involves spraying a textured coating and then 'knocking down' the peaks to create a uniformly textured surface that is not only visually pleasing but also offers excellent slip resistance. Ideal for areas where foot traffic is common, the Knockdown Finish is particularly effective in outdoor settings due to its ability to reduce slippage.


Hand-troweled concrete combines artistic craftsmanship with practicality, using multiple steel trowel passes to densify and smoothen the surface, achieving a durable and optionally high-gloss finish. This technique creates a uniquely textured, hard surface that's ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, enhancing concrete's appeal and utility in modern architectural applications.

Rock Salt

The Rock Salt Finish ads texture and skid resistance to concrete surfaces, making it a superior alternative to traditional smooth or broom finishes. This method involves embedding coarse rock salt into wet concrete and washing it off after setting, which leaves behind a distinct speckled pattern of shallow indentations that mimic slightly pitted, weathered rock.

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